Unexpected fires are not only damaging to a home but can be devastating to you and your family, as well. Fire damage is not uncommon in remote areas. If you’ve experienced home damage caused by a fire, it’s crucial to call a fire damage restoration company as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage and save your possessions. American Restoration offers superior, highly responsive, and professional fire damage restoration Roxborough Park, Colorado, and surrounding towns. 

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Fire Damage Restoration Roxborough Park, CO

There are numerous reasons to be concerned about the aftermath of a fire. Beyond the obvious damages, fire and smoke can result in long-term damage with the possibility of air contamination. 

Due to the seriousness of fire accidents, fire and smoke restoration should begin quickly. One primary reason for this is the smoke residue, also known as soot, is acidic, causing surfaces to corrode and stain permanently if left untreated. Smoke damage restoration may also entail eliminating smell and mal odors in the home. Odor elimination is important because it can spread to clothes, furniture, carpet, and even contaminate the quality of clean air within the home. 

Experienced Roxborough fire damage restoration specialists are available 24/7 to assist with disastrous fires. 

Roxborough Park Living

Roxborough Park is a quaint community that sits at the foot of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It’s well known for its breathtaking views, with wilderness and wildlife surrounding the area. It’s also located within close proximity to metro Denver, making it a great escape from city living. Living within close proximity to the great wilderness and Colorado outdoors can be amazing. However, there are a few drawbacks. 

It’s not uncommon for this particular area to experience wildfires and the threats they pose. In March 2020, a wildfire in the Coloradan outdoors required evacuation from residents of Foxton, CO, located just 40 miles west of Roxborough Park. It’s important to be aware that fires can spread quickly. Protecting your home from the possible damage that comes with fire disasters is critical. 

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Home Fire Disaster: What to Do

If you’re experiencing damage and loss caused by a fire disaster, it’s important to understand what steps to take after the fire is safely extinguished. First and foremost, even if everything looks safe, be sure you get authorization to enter the property to ensure protection. Step to take for preparing for fire damage restoration in your Roxborough Park home:

  1. Remove Soot and Debris: before any water damage or fire damage restoration processes can begin, all debris and soot must be removed from the home. The soot can cause more damage the longer it remains on a surface, while the debris is only going to get in the way of the restoration process. 
  2. Remove Excess Water Damaged Items & Dry Web Surfaces: Professionals should clean up any standing water as soon as possible before running other water restoration equipment. Since water can soak into walls, flooring, and even subflooring, they will need air movers and commercial dehumidifiers to dry everything out properly.
  3. Contact Professional: home fire damage restoration experts can provide the best solutions for cleaning up and restoring your home. 

Expert Smoke & Fire Damage Repair in Roxborough, CO

Cleaning up a fire-damaged home can be an overwhelming process. Professionals with American Restoration provide fire damage repair that is quick and efficient.

Keep in mind: items such as walls, ceilings, and even air ducts should be properly cleaned and deodorized.

If not done correctly, smoke molecules can remain embedded in materials long after the cleanup, continuing to release the smoke odor. Our team uses innovative and safe techniques to remove the odor and restore your property and belongings to normal conditions.

You can count on our highly skilled and experienced smoke and fire damage restoration team to handle all of the details of your project. We take swift action to respond to all fire damage repair requests in Roxborough Park, showing up to your home or business ready to analyze the situation and recommend solutions to completely restore your property.

fire damage restoration roxborough park

Contact American Restoration Company

American Restoration is a highly experienced and certified team that has helped countless Roxborough homeowners and property owners by handling fire damage, smoke damage, and other structural repair and restoration projects. 

We provide our customers with the expertise and can offer guidance on the next steps in getting your home back in its original condition. 

Our expert fire repair team works directly with all major insurance carriers. Our home restoration services provide superior care with an easy approach to restoring your home without headache, stress, and worry. We have the tools, equipment, and knowledge needed to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive fire damage restoration service that is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If you need fire damage restoration service in Roxborough Park, please contact our American Restoration team now. Contact us 24/7 at 303-816-0068.